The Subtleties of a Contactless Car Wash

The Subtleties of a Contactless Car Wash

Perhaps every car owner knows about the essence of the contactless car wash procedure. Today, we will tell you about the subtleties of the high-quality steam car wash, the working principle of the main and auxiliary equipment, and its efficiency. Let’s begin!


How Does The Washing Happen?

Non-contact car wash involves the use of a steam cleaner for cars and active foam, which absorbs dirt and performs the main work. It is applied to the vehicle using a steam car wash machine, connected to a high-pressure apparatus. The use of a car wash steamer by Fortador allows it to reach a high-performance rate and can provide a large amount of foam and the evenest application.

The steam cleaner, which works like a foam generator is a device consisting of 3 parts:

  • Pistol;
  • Steam generator;
  • Nozzles for pouring water (there are short — for cars, and long — for vans and trucks).

The foam formation process takes place in two stages:

  1. Initially, a stream of water is supplied, which, under high pressure, activates the foaming agent solution — the very active foam. As a result, we get a foam of low stability, which is not yet suitable for washing;
  2. The primary mixture then leaves the mixer at high speed to the expanding tablet, which, thanks to its precise design, instantly forms a stable foam of the desired concentration. Regulator plates form a flat spray of foam for easy application.


Is It Possible to Wash a Large-Sized Auto Without Contact?

This is not only possible but also advisable! After all, you will save your time spent at the car wash, and even get a perfectly clean car at the exit! Contactless washing of SUVs, minibusses, and other large vehicles is carried out using long and curved nozzles, which are much more convenient to work with. Foam can be applied with these nozzles in a matter of minutes.


Does Active Foam Damage the Paint Coating?

This question worries many drivers. To answer it, you need to understand the composition of non-contact foam. Active foam is an alkaline solution of highly effective surfactants. They are effective, but non-destructive because they are subject to the correct dosage and application recommendations. A professional car washer knows what should be avoided when using active foam:

  • A car painted less than 3 months ago should be washed in a non-contact way no earlier than after a month;
  • A hot hood should also not be washed as well;
  • Do not allow the foam to dry on the paint, because the white streaks may remain.

Finally, the steam car wash price may significantly vary depending on the service station. If you want to save on it, you can try to purchase all the chemicals and equipment and do it yourself. 

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