Top 4 Types of Car Polishes

Top 4 Types of Car Polishes

Car body polish is a reliable paintwork protection method, which allows securing the vehicle from sunlight, minor mechanical damage, and chemicals from the road surface. It can be applied after washing or using a steam cleaner for cars. The use of such products allows motorists to maintain the brightness of the paint, extend its service life and protect the surface from premature corrosion. Today, we invite you to study the variety of car polishes and choose the best option for your auto. 


Types of Polishes Presented on the Market

There is a large selection of polishes on the market that differ in type, and composition. Just like you choose between the car wash steamer by Karcher or Fortador, you can choose the most appropriate option between car polishes. Conventionally, polishes are divided into four categories:

  • for plastic parts; 
  • for car body polishing (abrasive, restorative, protective, universal);
  • protective: ceramic and quartz coatings, polymers, wax, and silicone pastes;
  • for removing scratches.

Also, all the compositions mentioned above may differ in consistency, which will affect the price. This is the same as when you choose between the regular and a steam car wash price The following options are possible here:

  1. Lapping and polishing pastes;
  2. Liquid. The least economical due to spreading over the surface and the impossibility of applying a thick layer. An additional disadvantage is considered a higher price, therefore, when buying, you need to give preference to silicone-containing compositions;
  3. Creams. This consistency is considered one of the best because it contains wax and silicone. When applied correctly, you can achieve maximum body shine, even after using a steam cleaner. The price of such a product is much lower than that of liquid products; 
  4. Solid. The advantage of such polishes is cost-effectiveness because they do not spread over the surface like liquid. When applied correctly, the color of the machine can be restored and retained for a long time, while using a steam car wash machine will remain available; 
  5. Aerosols. This is the easiest option to use. But when buying, you need to be careful and watch the composition. The product should contain a high percentage of silicone. Otherwise, the use of such funds is not of great importance. In this case, the result does not last even seven days, and the money has already been wasted.


What Option to Choose?

To choose the most suitable polish for the car body, it is necessary to evaluate the external condition of the paintwork, and the most frequent type of washing (a steam car wash, active foam, etc.). Only then decide what kind of paste to buy. If your vehicle’s paintwork has numerous chips and scratches, it is better to use a repairing abrasive. Such polishes should be used only when the service life of your car is more than three years. Otherwise, the abrasive particles will severely damage the body and will not provide any restorative effect. If you just want to give the car more shine, use wax or synthetic pastes.

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