Removing Insects When Washing a Car: Expert Advice

Removing Insects When Washing a Car: Expert Advice

Insects cause a lot of hassle for drivers. When traveling on highways, beetles and butterflies crash on the front of the car, clog up the radiator, stick to the bumper, hood, and windshield. Moreover, these spots turn into a dense crust, which you have to scratch while damaging the body paintwork. 

Not every non-contact car wash is capable of removing these stains, so you have to use special cleaning chemicals. Sprays and chemicals can help remove stains, but they are usually very expensive and run out quickly. After the next trip, the car is again covered with dots and stains from insects. Are there any better, cheaper ways to deal with insect stains? Let’s figure it out.



Hot Wax

Motorist Igor with 35 years of driving experience advises preparing the auto in advance for meeting with insects. Before traveling far, the vehicle can be cleaned with a steam car wash machine and then coated with hot wax, which gives the vehicle shine and protects against biological stains. The wax must first be diluted in hot water. Everything must be done according to the instructions, which determines the success of the case. Then the body is polished. If insects come across on a trip, they are washed much easier with the steam car wash than when the body is unprotected. The stains go away even after wiping with a wet cloth.


Car Wash Shampoo

If the auto was not hot, and the insects did not spend too much time on the hood, then ordinary car shampoo and a steam cleaner for cars will help. In addition to the cleaning properties, car shampoos provide reliable protection of the paint layer from external negative influences, such as the appearance of scratches from abrasive particles or fading under the influence of direct sunlight. All shampoos, regardless of additional components, are divided into two main types: 

  1. For manual and contactless washing, 
  2. For using a mini-washer or a car wash steamer.

For paintwork that has scratches or chips, it is recommended to use special car shampoos with an anti-corrosion effect. They do not only remove dirt well but also have the ability to insulate the damaged area, preventing the appearance or spread of corrosion. If the vehicle stands for a week in the heat in the company of dead flies, then you will have to pay for professional polishing.


In Conclusion

In the assortment of professional chemicals, there are cleaners for any type of contamination — from anti-bitumen to anti-insect. There are also fairly universal means that can deal with various contamination, and at the same time do not damage the paint. Meanwhile, if you purchase a steam cleaner by Fortador, you will be able to save on the professional steam car wash price.

What methods do you use to remove difficult contaminations? Feel free to share your ideas and experience with us in the comments.

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