Tips For Washing a Minibus with a Manual Steam Car Wash

Tips For Washing a Minibus with a Manual Steam Car Wash

Fast, high-quality, economical, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use steam car wash provides incomparable benefits to motorists. The body of your vehicle, its interior, engine, and other units will shine. A wide variety of stains — from machine oil, bitumen, gasoline, insects and birds, tobacco — will be thoroughly removed from metal, plastic, and fabric parts of your car. However, those who consider the steam car wash price too high can do the cleaning themselves. For this purpose, they will need advanced cleaning equipment such as a steam cleaner by Fortador. If you have already purchased it, just follow the below recommendations to wash your minibus properly. 


How to Clean Your Minibus with a Car Wash Steamer by Fortador?

In recent years, steam has begun to be used for car body washing and interior cleaning. The high temperature and pressure of professional equipment allow you to abandon surfactants and reduce water consumption by several times. If it is not possible to wash your vehicle at a car wash, or you want to do it personally, then we will consider a few recommendations that will be useful to you in this process:

  1. Configure the right pressure and mode of steam generating: a steam car wash machine works well at the temperature of 140-160C under a pressure of 2.5-8 bar (depending on the characteristics of the equipment);
  2. Move upside down: start by cleaning the upper parts of the car, including the roof, body, and external side of the windows. Steadily move down to the doors and headlights, and finish with cleaning the wheels;
  3. Cleaning of the engine and its compartment should be left for the professionals. Alternatively, steam washing should be performed extremely delicately: a jet of hot, humid air is gently directed to the dirty parts, without deforming or scratching them.
  4. Take the rugs out and use the steam cleaner for cars to remove dirt from them. Continue with cleaning the saloon: gently clean the steering wheel, dashboard, doors, and windows. Proceed to washing the seats and floor, paying enough attention to the stains and hard-to-reach places. As for the ceiling, as a rule, glue is used as a bonding element, which, under the influence of hot steam can lose its properties and lead to sagging. Steam is applicable, but very delicately, more often as an antibacterial treatment after the cleaning with specialized auto chemicals and interior cleaning tools.

Such a steam cleaning allows you to wash away dirt and leave no streaks. This is how you can clean your minibus with ease.


In Conclusion

Steam washing is a comprehensive solution that allows you to immediately solve such problems as dust in the cabin and dirt under the hood, cloudy windows, and rims covered with a layer of sand. This innovative solution has already been appreciated by many car owners, and they all recognized its advantages over traditional methods of removing dirt.

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