Washing the Car Bottom: Worth or Not, and How to Do It Right?

Washing the Car Bottom: Worth or Not, and How to Do It Right?

Careful vehicle care and regular maintenance will increase the vehicle’s lifespan. Various procedures allow maintaining the functionality of numerous car units. Service stations, tire service, professional washes offer a whole range of services aimed at protecting the vehicle, improving its dynamic properties, performance, and level of comfort for the driver. Such a procedure as washing the bottom of an auto is especially popular and in demand. However, some drivers believe that this is just an extra expense. Let’s understand the features of this procedure and if it is worth your attention.


Why Do You Need the Bottom Wash?

The vehicle suspension is the most heavily loaded structure in a vehicle. It is exposed to the maximum mechanical load while driving. The quality of the road surface negatively affects the bottom and its parts. Sand and harmful reagents are the main reasons for the development of corrosion, which affects not only the body but also the bottom. Dust accumulates in the bottom of the vehicle, which can cause the failure of important engine units. The thickness of the mud layer often reaches several centimeters, and this is an additional load and the likelihood of breakage of various mechanisms. 

Experts do not recommend keeping the vehicle in such a state. It is advisable to wash the bottom every few months with the help of a steam cleaner for cars, or at the service station. Even 3-4 cleanings with a steam car wash per year will finish with the following effects: 

  • elimination of the corrosion development; 
  • reducing the accumulation of dust, 
  • reducing the frequency of complex units failure; 
  • saving financial costs that can be spent on expensive repairs.

The cleanliness of the body and suspension will allow identifying the breakdowns on time and replacing the broken parts.


How Is the Bottom of a Car Washed?

There are several ways of washing the bottom at the car wash:

  1. The auto is driven into a designated place. The washer puts on a special waterproof suit. Then he goes down into the pit under the auto and washes the bottom with a high-pressure washer or a steam car wash machine;
  2. The vehicle is lifted up, and a specialist cleans the bottom with a high-pressure washer or a car wash steamer. This method is more convenient and reliable. The washer has an overview of almost all the elements of the bottom and can clean even in hard-to-reach places;
  3. Automatic suspension wash is available only at specialized car washes. The vehicle drives into the box. At this moment, the photocells are triggered, they send a signal to the water nozzles. Multiple nozzles deliver water under pressure in different directions. Thus, the underbody, wheels, and arches are automatically cleaned.

The high-pressure water wash or a steam car wash price may vary. If the service station uses the steam cleaner by Fortador, you can use this method without any doubt.

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