Anti-Corrosion Body Wash: How to Choose the Right One?

Anti-Corrosion Body Wash: How to Choose the Right One?

Most car details are made of metals. Some of them are covered with oil, so they are less exposed to oxidative reactions. The rest of the parts, especially the car body, need anti-corrosion protection. Read the peculiarities of the anti-corrosion treatment below.


What Is Anti-Corrosion Treatment?

Modern cars do not get a frame structure, like SUVs or trucks, but a load-bearing body, which is immediately attached to the key units and mechanisms. Externally, the car is covered with a layer of paint, which protects the metal from the aggressive effects of moisture. Anti-corrosion is used for the body parts to prevent the oxidative reaction that happens to most metal units. Only non-ferrous materials do not rust. 

Before applying a layer of paint, a special substance is first applied to the metal, which prevents moisture from coming into contact with the body elements. Some parts are not painted, so they need extra protection. Besides, anticorrosion must withstand some mechanical impact. If it is more or less clear which anti-corrosion treatment options are available on the market, there is still a question of how to prepare the car for it. Below you will find the answer.


How to Prepare the Auto for Anti-Corrosion Treatment?

First of all, it is necessary to remove all dirt from the processed surface. If the area is poorly cleaned, the anti-corrosion solution will be ineffectively fixed, and in the process of driving will not protect the metal from moisture. Therefore, we recommend using a steam car wash machine to remove the contaminations. 

Particular attention should be paid to the bottom. For maximum cleaning effect, it is better to use not just a steam cleaner for cars, but a shampoo or active foam. A steam car wash by Fortador will allow using less water compared to traditional methods. Moreover, the surface will dry much faster. No substance with water-repellent properties can be firmly fixed on a wet surface. Besides, the car wash steamer can disinfect the surface due to the hot temperature of the steam provided. Meanwhile, the steam car wash price will surprise you with its cheapness. 

Ideally, a special solvent is applied to the entire treated surface to remove oil stains, if any. During anticorrosive processing, the most important rule is that a surface is as much as possible pure and dry. Only in this case, the anti-corrosive treatment will be effective.


In Conclusion 

Anti-corrosion treatment is a procedure that should be carried out in advance, alongside regular washing with a steam cleaner because its idea is to prevent the development of corrosion processes, rather than eliminate their consequences. It is advisable to carry out anti-corrosion treatment if the car is more than three years old and the owner expects to continue using it until the resale. The factory anticorrosive is enough for up to 3 years. If you plan to change the car after this period, then we recommend not to save on such treatment.

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